Gain 25% more time... Stop 'mind-wandering'... retain more.

Reading Transformations’ intensive speed reading course DOUBLES or Trebles reading speeds to save huge amounts of time. Increases concentration and retention too.

For Individuals, take our FREE Reading Speed Test. Gives your current reading speed and comprehension levels, the predicts what you are capable of. After that, take our unique interactive online speed reading course - at a fraction of the cost of a public course

For Organisations, apply for our popular FREE In-house Taster session
The Need for Speed Reading
reading transformations speed reading course

Everyone today is on information overload - too much to read in too little time.
Speed Reading can help solve the problem.

E-mails pile in everyday. Long documents have to be read. Websites to be viewed.
Speed Reading can help solve the problem.

Using skills we were taught when we were five, we are under-equipped to deal with
today's information explosion and the demands on us. So learn to speed read !

Speed reading skills help you to keep on top of your job and stay ahead!.

Recognise these problems?
increase concentration through a speed reading course

point Do you have too much to read in too little time?
point Often lose concentration - think of other things?
point Re-read text - eyes skip backwards?
point Hear all the words in your head?
  point Forget what you've read?
  point Not fully understand key ideas and concepts?

If so, you are spending too long reading, often not very well with lapses of concentration and poor retention.

This speed reading course is a must for you and others in your organisation. The gains in personal productivity are huge.

Online Course now available direct to your desk!

Speed reading reading transformations online reading course Free taster sessionOur Speed Reading Courses are now available online! They cover the same syllabus as the in-house course, but take half the time and all delivered straight to your desk.

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